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John Wolansky jwol at
Thu Apr 10 19:33:06 EDT 2003

> Question: are the book PAGES of the 1st with the blank-back DJ
> printed  on thicker paper?  If not, then I would guess that the
> DJ with 278 titles is the actual first.
> If the blank-back DJ book pages are on thicker paper, then we
> are back to not being able to distinguish these two variants
> of the actual first.
> jk

I must report that both my copies with 250 on the back of the DJ, one with
278 on the inside and the other blank, are the heavier grade paper.  My
later copy with 275 on the back and 299 inside is as you describe, thinner
with print a bit less crisp.  The answer to the blank backed DJ may be as
simple as a bad production run.

I saw a copy of G028, Complete Works of Lewis Carroll with the titles on
the inverse of the dust jacket printed upside down.  Other copies of the
same DJ were "normal".  Production error or some clever print manager
reflecting the topsy turvy nature of Alice in Wonderland?  I thought $30 a
bit much and passed and over the last two years, the top edge of the DJ
spine has become chipped.  Sigh ...

John Wolansky

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