Counting MLs (was Re: Mystery hardcover ML DJs)

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Tue Apr 8 08:11:26 EDT 2003

Jimmy Williamson wrote:

 > i dont know whether to be totally impressed by the fact that he only lacks
 > 162,
 > or depressed that , after so much work, he still lacks 162;
 > but, john can now answer a question i have wanted answered since i started
 > collecting, and naively believed that there were 396 books.
 > namely, how many are there?  total?

Yikes!  What a question!  How many MLs are there?
I think this has been discussed on this list in
the past.

Depends on how and what you count.  The highest
numbered ML is 396, but numbers were reused for
different titles of course.

Total different titles, 1917-70?  I think there are
852 records in the Toledano Guide (regulars), and
223 giants, but this includes some cross references
and also post 1970 titles.  But it does not include
significant DJ variations.  Paperbacks? Illustrated?

My 'realistic' ML goal is to some day have a copy
of all hardcover (bindings 8-14) MLs in DJ: this includes
each of the Toledano title variants and significant
DJ variants (excluding color variants, and the late
'60s DJs with only the redesigned ML logo).  I grab
earlier MLs in DJ as they come along (when I can afford
them), but don't plan to ever find all the pre-1940

As I said in a previous post, I compiled a list of hard-
cover ML titles and DJ variants I don't have and figured
out I am missing 162 different Toledano titles + 58
additional DJ variants.

I then checked my Excel spreadsheet of MLs I have and
figured out I have 451 different hardcover titles and
significant DJ variants.

So: the only number I can give you is for the hardcover
titles and major DJ variants: 671 (give or take a dozen).

Again this is only hardcovers.  That number would be
less if you were only after unique titles, but would
pop back up if you included titles discontinued prior
to 1940.


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