Mystery hardcover ML DJs

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i dont know whether to be totally impressed by the fact that he only lacks
or depressed that , after so much work, he still lacks 162;
but, john can now answer a question i have wanted answered since i started
collecting, and naively believed that there were 396 books.
namely, how many are there?  total?

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John is correct on all counts except that Joyce's Dubliners was also
available in an earlier version of the 1966 jacket shown on the web site
which has a gray rather than blue background.  This jacket was in use (to
the best of my current knowledge) from 1946 to 1964.


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> Hi Modlib people,
> I have been wasting time putting together a list of
> the hardcover MLs (titles and DJ variants) I am
> missing.  162 missing, total.  That is not so bad.
> In working through Henry Toledano's excellent Guide,
> I found eight common titles from this era that list
> DJ types that are not on Scot's also excellent
> Dogeared DJ pages, nor have I ever seen them (in my
> years of painstaking, back-breaking searching).
> If anyone has seen (or owns) any of the variants
> below, I would like to know.  It is possible that
> the Guide is in error (gasp!), and if that is the
> case I can stop looking for these DJ variants.
> Again: these are all post 1940 DJs; "T" means
> a text DJ and "P" means a pictorial DJ, of
> course.
> Byrne: 43.3: Messer Marco Polo
> The Guide lists a 'T' DJ in the 1940+ column but
> I have never seen anything but the saucy pink and
> black "P" DJ shown on Scot's DJ pages.
> Cellini: 150.3: Autobiography
> The Guide lists "TPP" in the 1940+ column.  I have
> never seen a "T" DJ for this title.  Scot's pages
> show the only two DJ variants (the very common blue
> one, and the late 1960s redesigned DJ) I have seen
> on this title.
> Crane: 130.2: Red Badge of Courage
> The Guide lists a "T" DJ in the 1940+ column.  Again,
> has anyone seen a T DJ on this title?  By the way,
> the kindacool redesigned late 1960s DJ shown on
> Scot's pages is not noted in the Guide.
> Gide: 187.1: Counterfeiters
> The Guide lists a "P" DJ for this title; this is the
> version without the Journal (discontinued in 1946). I
> have only seen the blandish T DJ.
> Joyce: 124.1: Dubliners
> The Guide lists "PP" for this title in the 1940+
> column.  I have only seen two T DJs.  Should this
> be "TT" or are there two P DJs from this era?
> Meredith: 134.1 and 134.2: Ordeal of Richard Feverel
> The Guide lists "P" DJs for both post 1940 versions
> of this title (one without an intro, one with an
> intro by Stevenson).  I have never seen anything but
> the boring old T DJ shown on Scot's pages.
> Merejkowski: 138.1: Romance of Leonardo
> The Guide lists a "T" DJ for this title in the 1940+
> column.  I have only seen the P DJ with wise old
> Leo on it.
> Thucydides; 58.3: Complete Writings
> This is the later version with the Finlay intro and
> no map.  The Guide lists a P DJ for this title.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> John K.

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