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You can post it, but I am making a little booklet of the talk. There will be
a signed/limited edition (probably 12 copies) and a trade edition , which
will be pretty cheap.The limited edition will have four pages of photographs
of the exhibition. I am not exactly sure of the cost at this stage. I will
post that in a day or so.

Henry at Books etc

Books etc 
PMB 395,
298 4th Avenue,
San Francisco,
CA 94118-2468
Tel: 415-387-7162 

I am aware of sounding officious in  the following judgment but somebody
needs to tell you that your talk  on  The Modern Library is pretty much
fluff, and that only if it were better written.  It lacks depth and breadth,
it is talking off the top of the head at best, not writing.  It is not very
informative either.  I haven't seen so many toadies circle around one
vacuuous guru since the Seventies and the invasion of Eastern religions on
the American scene.  It must be heady wine, as evidenced by your plans to
publish this piece of straw, so someone needs to tell you that the Emporor
is wearing no clothes. 
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