Henry's talk was great!

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Tue Sep 24 06:25:40 EDT 2002

I'm a green-horn-please explain about Alice, Thanks Bj
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> Just thought I'd be the first to talk about Henry's talk on the list.
> It went really well.  I admit, I felt a little out of place compared
> to the demographics of the California Book club (read that as I felt
> young).
> The best part of the talk was Henry saying that he knew of fifteen or
> so illustrated Alice.  Joe Hill then in the QA said he only knew of
> twelve copies, and that he knew the owner of each.  So I was hoping
> that they'd compare notes at that time to figure out whether the union
> of the two sets was maybe sixteen or more!  (With each copy that is
> found does the value drop $10 because it becomes scarcer :)
> So who besides Joe who is on this list was in attendance?
> If I was thinking a little bit more I would have attempted to record
> the speech and put it on the internet...at least in audio format!
> -Sam
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