Henry's talk was great!

Sam Ockman ockman at penguincomputing.com
Tue Sep 24 00:56:27 EDT 2002

Just thought I'd be the first to talk about Henry's talk on the list.
It went really well.  I admit, I felt a little out of place compared
to the demographics of the California Book club (read that as I felt

The best part of the talk was Henry saying that he knew of fifteen or
so illustrated Alice.  Joe Hill then in the QA said he only knew of
twelve copies, and that he knew the owner of each.  So I was hoping
that they'd compare notes at that time to figure out whether the union
of the two sets was maybe sixteen or more!  (With each copy that is
found does the value drop $10 because it becomes scarcer :)

So who besides Joe who is on this list was in attendance?

If I was thinking a little bit more I would have attempted to record
the speech and put it on the internet...at least in audio format!


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