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Phew -- talk went pretty well -- it started at 7:30 and I didn't get out of 
there 'til almost 10. One member showed up with the list of 400 ML books 
she'd accumulated, and a few brought their own. I brought along a copy of 
Henry's price guide, and it was well thumbed by evening's end; quite a few 
wrote down the ordering info, so he may be hearing from this neck of the 
woods. I did a little research on Keritol beforehand, and found out that it 
was used to cover musical instrument cases as well as for a binding material. 
A university library conservator was there and seemed very interested in the 
progression of ML bindings generally. I tried to keep the talk itself pretty 
short, but a lot of people lingered around to examine the 30 or so books I 
brought; I kept having to fight the urge to say, "Hey, be careful of that!" 
when anybody picked up the one piece of ephemera, a little ML Illustrated 
catalog pamphlet. Questioners I couldn't answer were advised to hop a plane 
and see Henry's talk on Monday. I do some proofreading/copyediting for Random 
House -- I hope it doesn't get back to them that I've been touted as ML 
publisher -- they'd be a little surprised at the news.

Bob Riedel

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> Hope they liked the Keritol cover, and were
> not too disappointed that you were not the
> publisher of the Modern Library.
> How did the talk go?
> John K.
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