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Thu Sep 19 09:38:06 EDT 2002

Hello all - 
I am seeking editions of Camille by Alexandre Dumas - I know that Modern 
Library printed it but I can't figure out the available variations in binding 
and dustjackts.  I have one with no dust jacket, red and black cloth boards 
with gold lettering, and I found pictures of two dust jackets on  So I don't know if the copy I have originally had a dust 
jacket and if so, which one... From what I've found on, the edition 
number is 69 or sometimes it is noted as 69, 2.  
 This and any other information you might have about printings of Camille by 
Modern Library would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the great tips I already got from the site - I may be about to 
become a Modern Library collector, too!
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