ML talk & binding question

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Tue Sep 17 23:43:24 EDT 2002

I think it's called a Keratol binding.  I have Symond's Michelangelo in the 
same material (I like the shower curtain comparison), but it is a light 
green.  I was told they are part of a three(?) volume gift set sold around 

John Peterson
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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>Subject: ML talk & binding question
>Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 21:44:37 EDT
>I'm doing a talk on ML collecting to the Rochester (NY) Bibliophile Society
>tomorrow evening. The Sunday edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
>listed it in the things-to-do section, and promoted me to "publisher of the
>Modern Library." Yeesh.
>I'm taking along some examples of early bindings. One thing that I happened
>upon recently has me curious -- it's a copy of Cellini's Autobiography, in 
>turquoise flex binding with shiny geometric figures in the surface of the
>material -- reminds me a piece of shower curtain. Is there a name for this
>Anyway, wish me luck. Just wish Henry'd already done his and I could crib
>from it ...
>Bob Riedel
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>Dansville, NY  14437
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