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I have a copy of Tolstoy, Death of Ivan ILYITCH, spine 1 C5, so it looks like Andes is incorrect.  I recently picked up a copy of 68.1, The Belfry by Sinclair with catalogue 5 in a #2 cover.  Notice it is the next number from Thais, even though the Thais book is listed as coming five years late.  Looks like ML using up stock and mixing covers and "guts" as supplies dictate.

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  Gordon, It has been a while since I last asked you about the existance of a paticular binding .  You have always been very helpful so I am asking for  help again.  The Price Guide lists as 1st Edition for #64.1  Tolstoy, Death of Ivan ILYITCH, spine 1 C5, but Andes book seems to indicate spine #2.  Also the listing for # 67.1 France, THAIS,spine #2 yet Andes book seems to indicate binding #3..   

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