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Mon Sep 16 13:15:47 EDT 2002

Gordon, It has been a while since I last asked you about the existance of a 
paticular binding .  You have always been very helpful so I am asking for  
help again.  The Price Guide lists as 1st Edition for #64.1  Tolstoy, Death 
of Ivan ILYITCH, spine 1 C5, but Andes book seems to indicate spine #2.  Also 
the listing for # 67.1 France, THAIS,spine #2 yet Andes book seems to 
indicate binding #3..  

I have copies that fit the 1st edition discriptions of Andes, and would stop 
the useless search for the first editions indicated in the PRICE GUIDE, if 
you confirmed this conclusion .

Looking forward to learning what you have found.  Best regards   Dave Menkin
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