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> Not often - sometimes.
> >If a bookseller matches one of these jackets to the
> > correct edition of a jacketless book, how should a buyer assess the value 
> of
> > the newly-jacketed book?
> As if they had been together since birth.
> YES> Of course everything must be correct.

I know that many pundits tell you that the book should be left exactly as 
found. I find this rubbish. If there is  dust on a book don't remove it. If a 
page is curled leave it etc... If there is no way of detecting whether a dj 
has been switchedor tampered with , assuming all indications show that it 
could be the same as original, then assume it is original. The basis for my 
reasoning is that if there is no way of detecting something then any 
postulates about what should or should not be done strike me as silly. I find 
this the case with laws on the books which tell you you must not do such and 
such, but have absolutely no way of checking whether you did such and such. 

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