Jack Maclean jack at
Wed Sep 11 01:23:34 EDT 2002

Dear Mod Libbers

   I am pleased to announce that the photos of the exhibition and 
announcement of the talk is finally up on the BOOK CLUB OF CALIFORNIA 
web page.

I also have to say that people are under the mistaken impression that 
the figure shown in the announcement is that of Henry Toledano. This 
is just not correct!

I have gone to great travail searching through the Bennett Cerf 
archives held in various venues to track down the model who posed for 
the Modern Library  logo in the twenties.

He turns out to have been a member of the Ballet Russe named Chuck A. Boomskyia
and we located him in a (former Soviet) rest home for aging artistes 
located in Pelmini, a village near the volcano of Kiev.

He agreed to pose for us exactly as he had done for the Modern 
Library logo done in the twenties, obviously using whatever 
accoutrements and dress as were at hand.

I am grateful to be allowed to clear up any misconceptions that might 
have arisen involving Henry Toledano and this superlative logo 
created for the

Yours respectfully,

Jack Maclean

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