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Regarding the Updike (ML 357.1)


> Yes,I know copy 1 is the first,but how many collectors have a copy 2
> thinking they have a first edition of this title?

Another difference between the actual 1st of
this title and later printings is the DJ: if
you look at Scot's DJ pages, a late 60s copy
of the DJ (not first) is shown: it has the
restyled running torchbearer on the front of
the DJ, whereas the actual first has the older
more 'normal' looking torchbearer.

Also, I think I have seen a copy of the Updike
with the later DJ and the green fujita endpapers.
If Joe has a copy with blank endpapers, maybe
that is a post 1970 printing (maybe it has an
ISBN number on the back of the DJ?).


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