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Thucydides with the Finley introduction and the new (non-
folding) map was first published in the regular ML in fall 
1951.  It appeared a few months earlier in Modern Library 
College Editions.


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>    Thanks for all the help.  However the question still 
remains, what was
>the first year #58.3 was printed?
>    -Scott
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>>     Does anyone out there posses a copy of # 58.3, The 
Complete Writings
>> Thucydides?  It says in Henry's guide that this copy 
contains no map, and
>> introduction written by Finlay.  It also states that it 
was published from
>> 1934-1970, which is the same time span as #58.2.  I know 
that in 1950 ML
>> gave many books new/different introductions and I assumed 
that this was
>> case concerning #58.3.  However, I have a copy listing 
348 titles (Autumn,
>> 1950 printing) with an introduction by Gavorse and a 
map.  This is clearly
>> copy of #58.2.  My question is if any one knows the first 
year #58.3 was
>> printed?
>>     Scott Conove
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