DJ Project: Don't expect to find these in reality!!!

scot kamins kamins at
Sat Nov 23 21:35:43 EST 2002

> The book was
> published in 1933 but it has the dust jacket shown on the web page as 1941.
> Does that mean someone changed dust jackets? Thanks for any help, Bj

No. The date over the dust jacket is the date of that specific example of
the dust jacket as it was submitted. It could be the first year it was used
or the lasy year it was used. The date merely indicates the printing date of
that specific example.

S c o t   K a m i n s
P D X ' s   F r i e n d l i e s t   H o m e   B r o k e r
" I   L i s t e n "
+ 1 ( 5 0 3 ) 9 9 7 - 0 1 9 9

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