DJ Project: Don't expect to find these in reality!!!

scot kamins kamins at
Sat Nov 23 13:31:17 EST 2002


It occurs to me that some newer collectors might believe that they should
expect to find  dust jackets in the condition that they see them in the
database pages. Such collectors will wait a long time to fulfill their

Nearly every dust jacket submitted for inclusion has been changed - anywhere
from lightly edited to totally reconsructed. Of course, sometimes a dust
jacket maintains its pristine condtion, and this I don't edit at all - I
merely change the size to 3.5" tall (width proportionate), change the
rseolution to 72 DPI, and post it. This is not the common case, however.

The idea behind the project is to show original dust jacket in an idealized
state, imitating as much as possible (given my limited tools and even more
limited graphic editing abilities) the way a book might have looked when
someone took down a fresh copy in a bookstore the day the book arrived from
the publisher.

Sometimes I can't fix a dust jacket, so you see it dirty and darker than it
would have been in its pristine state. Other times the dust jacket is nearly

SO: Do NOT use the dust jackets in the database as a frame of reference you
try to match; rather, treat them as idealized models that may have once
existed, but are now sadly extinct.

And can I mix any more metaphors or sound any more pompous?  Oh, wait..I

Intellectuals in the crowd will think of Plato,caves, shadows...

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