Scott Conove rscconove at
Fri Nov 22 20:16:52 EST 2002

    Does anyone out there posses a copy of # 58.3, The Complete Writings of
Thucydides?  It says in Henry's guide that this copy contains no map, and an
introduction written by Finlay.  It also states that it was published from
1934-1970, which is the same time span as #58.2.  I know that in 1950 ML
gave many books new/different introductions and I assumed that this was the
case concerning #58.3.  However, I have a copy listing 348 titles (Autumn,
1950 printing) with an introduction by Gavorse and a map.  This is clearly a
copy of #58.2.  My question is if any one knows the first year #58.3 was
    Scott Conove

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