John M. Wolansky jwol at
Fri Nov 22 09:15:07 EST 2002

I have two copies each in the slipcase and acetate.  The books appear to be
the same.  Pagination, title page, illustrations, etc. are the same.  The
only difference I noticed is one of the jacketed books has a  green spine
while the other three have yellow.  It is not due to the sun, it appears to
be the initial issue.  I doubt someone could tell without the covering, but
this board brings a new surprise regularly.  The only illustrated
differences I
noticed are those Henry identified in his guide (i.e. black & white Vs color

John Wolansky

> How can you tell if a ML illustrated has an acetate cover, or was in a
> slipcase?  I found an illustrated GREEN MANSIONS today, it has a color
> pictoral design on the front and back covers of the book?

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