1928 Gift Set

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How can you tell if a ML illustrated has an acetate cover, or was in a
slipcase?  I found an illustrated GREEN MANSIONS today, it has a color
pictoral design on the front and back covers of the book?

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   The three Keratol titles were The Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci
(orange), The Life of Michelangelo (green) and The Autobiography of
Benvenuto Cellini (turquoise).


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> Anyone know what three books were in the 1928 gift set?  The ones with the
> keratol covers?  I know one of them was symonds life of michelangelo.
> Or--was there more than one set that year?
> Also--is one of the covers pictured on the dj project for symonds that of
> the gift edition? (One cover pictured has the date, 1928, one the date
> Thanks,
> John Peterson
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