O. Henry 304 title jacket

GORDON NEAVILL aa3401 at wayne.edu
Thu Nov 21 18:29:15 EST 2002

In connection with Ron Thoman's inquiry about a first 
printing of the O. Henry jacket with 304 titles on a later 
printing of the book:  

The ML printed 20,000 copies of the 304 jacket.  I don't 
know how many copies of the first printing of the book were 
made, but probably less than 20,000.  Don't know why they 
printed more jackets than they needed, but paper was still 
hard to get in 1945 and supplies were uncertain.  Maybe 
coated paper for jackets was harder to come by than paper 
for books, and anticpating strong demand for the book, 
printed as many jackets as they could when they had the 


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