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I think it was me who made the grandiose, unsupported claim that all B&L
dust jackets were once blue. After thinking about it some more, I believe I
was wrong. I made the claim based on the fact that every B&L in jacket that
I've seen in person (and that's only been two or three) has been blue. Also,
the one I have in my collection is clearly blue (see attached image).

Now that I think about it, though, the Modern Library also used blue-tinged
paper (as well as other tinges) for flex jackets in later years, of which I
have several in my collection. So probably blue was merely a variation in
the B&L years, too.

However, I don't think it was simply a matter of the printer using whichever
paper was on hand. The Whitman edition pictured (as well as the other
editions I've seen) clearly uses navy blue (not black) ink, which means the
printer must have changed ink color when he changed paper stock.

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 > I can confirm that I have a number of cream colored Boni and Liveright
dust jackets where the end flaps of the DJ are also cream colored.
Presumably, if all B and L jackets had a bluish tinge, then these end flaps,
protected as they were, would also be blue. I also have a number of "bluish"
B and L jackets where all parts of the DJ are blue. I'm guessing that the
DJs were issued in cream, blue and possibly "greenish" colors, but I have no
proof of that.
 > Pete
 > >
 > >And speaking of color variations, does Henry or anyone else have a
 > >blue DJ'd B&L they could compare to a cream DJ'd B&L? Check the end
 > >flaps on them: If the colors of the end flaps are the same as the
 > >outside, that would blow out of the water the "color fade" theory and
 > >would verify that the B&L's did indeed come in at least two colors.
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