B and L Dust jackets

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I can confirm that I have a number of cream colored Boni and Liveright dust jackets where the end flaps of the DJ are also cream colored. Presumably, if all B and L jackets had a bluish tinge, then these end flaps, protected as they were, would also be blue. I also have a number of "bluish" B and L jackets where all parts of the DJ are blue. I'm guessing that the DJs were issued in cream, blue and possibly "greenish" colors, but I have no proof of that.
>And speaking of color variations, does Henry or anyone else have a 
>blue DJ'd B&L they could compare to a cream DJ'd B&L? Check the end 
>flaps on them: If the colors of the end flaps are the same as the 
>outside, that would blow out of the water the "color fade" theory and 
>would verify that the B&L's did indeed come in at least two colors.
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