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P.S. The book itself checks out as 1929 as well:
Spine is style #5, w/Kent endpapers.

John Peterson

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>Subject: Re: DJ Project: October/November Additions
>Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 21:31:43 -0800
> > I'm the one who contributed the new Flaubert dust jacket.  I was 
>thrilled to
> > hear that it was from a gift set!  Unfortunately, it's not true. [dang!]
>But that little squigley at the vase of the front!!!! [sob]>
> > I hope this info helps place this particular dj design, assuming that 
>the dj
> > and book are an original match.
>Is there a catalog at the back of the book? Use the chart at:
>to see if the book and DJ match. (The DJ sounds like it's definitely 1929.)
>If it has Dostoyevsky, Brothers Karamazov but does NOT have Hemingway, The
>Sun Also Rises, then it's a match all right for a 1929 book.
>But weren't the gift sets also 1929?
>S c o t   K a m i n s
>P D X ' s   F r i e n d l i e s t   H o m e   B r o k e r
>" I   L i s t e n "
>+ 1 ( 5 0 3 ) 9 9 7 - 0 1 9 9

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