DJ Project: October/November Additions

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Nov 17 00:44:18 EST 2002

Thanks to Ellis Berg, Matthew Buckingham,John Krygier,John Peterson, 
and Joe Singleton (plus eBay) for these additions to the dust jacket 

Flaubert, Madame Bovary, from the 1929 gift set (?)
O'Neill, Nine Plays, 1968
Stendhal, The Red & The Black, 1962
Wallace, Ben Hur  1934 (new author in database)
Wilson, Addresses, 1927 (new author in database)
Whitman, Leaves of Grass,1942
Whitman, Poems, 1921 in blue!

By the way, some of these dates are guesses; if any are wrong, please 
let me know.

Also. I could use  better images [straight on shots] for the new Ben 
Hur and Stendhal DJs if anybody has them.

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