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Sat Nov 16 10:08:39 EST 2002


   The Andes collection has been available for many years without any
takers, mostly because it is priced at $30,000.  Many of the uncommon
titles do not have DJs, and the older DJs tend to be in poor shape.  The
price assumes substantial value in the books without dust jackets, which
may have been true when the collection was assembled, but is not true now.
The sellers will not break the collection to sell any individual volumes.
My guess is that several people on this list have stronger collections,
particularly if condition is a factor.


On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, j b krygier wrote:

> Jeremy O'Kelly wrote:
> > While I have and value Henry's guide, what is the opinion of list members about
> > "A Descriptive Bibliography of the Modern Library" by George M. Andes?
> I borrowed a copy of Andes book via our interlibrary
> loan office and it is certainly a book ML collectors
> should take a look at.  Andes Guide is a listing of
> ML titles which focuses on first editions.  Much of
> his information was incorporated and built upon in
> Henry's guide, so the typical ML collector is not
> going to learn that much more from his Descriptive
> Bibliography.  What Andes does have is more detail
> about 1st editions - how many pages, title page
> characteristics, etc.  Alas, he does not have much
> info on different bindings or dust jackets and he
> developed a different numbering system than Henry.
> So while Andes was a pioneer, his work has been built
> upon and expanded by others (Henry's Guide).
> By the way, Andes' collection of MLs, mentioned by
> Joe in a previous posting, is available for sale
> if you want an instant ML collection; the www page
> below lists all the titles in the collection with
> some details, and is a useful reference in and of
> itself:
> Anyone know if you can visit this collection?
> john k.

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