Another question about the Price Guide

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Tue Nov 12 18:15:04 EST 2002

ML folks, I'm sorry if I'm being a pain.  I've been studying and using the
Price Guide a lot lately, which has led me to several questions for which I
can't find answers readily.  That's why I've been asking the experts or at
least veterans out there.

This time my question has to do with identifying the date of the dust
jacket.  The particular item I'm confused about is 160.2.  The number of
titles on the reverse of the jacket is 405.  If I'm reading the chart on
page 176 of the Guide correctly, the 405 titles listed would date the
jacket at 1962.  Yet the design on the back of the jacket ("i") would
indicate the dates 1954-1959, according to page 165 of the Guide.  Since
the title was available in spine 8 from 1959-1970 (page 32), then I would
take "i"  in this case to mean 1959.  But that doesn't fit with the 405
titles and 1962 date indicated on page 176.

Help.  And again, sorry if I'm just being thick here, and not using the
Guide right.

Ron Thoman
rgthoman at

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