Technical Question on ML Price Guide

Tue Nov 12 21:54:37 EST 2002

The simplest way to determine if the book is a first- look at the listing of 
Giant titles at the end of the book. G90 Philosophy of Art and Beauty should 
NOT be listed in the Miscellaneous section. Just because the spine is correct 
does not mean the book is a first. The w/o # probably refers to the inside of 
the DJ- no titles listed inside and no statement- Which of these xxx 
outstanding books ...?- at the top. It is blank.

<< I probably should know this.  I've been steadily learning to use the Price
 Guide, but something stumped me yesterday.  Please excuse me if this is too
 obvious, but a bit of help would be appreciated.
 For G89.1 "Great Classical Myths" the Guide Identifies the first edition in
 the "Comment" column as "dj Gg w/o #" - the copy I have seems to fit the one
 other criteria (Spn G6), and the dust jacket is Gg, but I don't understand
 the "w/o #" part.  Can someone explain what is probably something obvious
 I'm missing.
 Ron Thoman
 rgthoman at >>

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