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>the guide says to avoid buying a book that is price clipped for this 
>is usually the only true indicator as to whether the book is a 
>first. Is this true?

It is true for [most?] ML books published after 1970 but not before.

>who was primarily responsible for books being price clipped, and why?

Dealers might cut the price when there was a price change.
Buyers might clip the price when they were giving books as gifts.

>Is there an established reduction in price if you buy a price 
>clipped dust jacket?

No. You need to list it as a fault and reduce the price accordingly, 
based on what you think it's worth.

>what do collectors who own price clipped books think?
>would collectors spend $ to upgrade to a non-price clipped book?

Depends on the collector. There's no hard and fast rule.


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