Determining ML values for those not meeting Guide criteria

jbkrygie at jbkrygie at
Mon Nov 11 11:13:34 EST 2002

Ron Thoman <rgthoman at> said:

> 33.1 Sudermann's "Dame Care" in balloon cloth, 

> Also, there is no 1930 dust jacket for 33.1 on Scott's dj 
site.  Does
> anyone know what this dj would look like?  Would it be 
the same at that
> shown there for 1935?

If you check the Guide, you will see that the 'B' DJ
is the only DJ for Sudermann's "Dame Care" from
1928 onward.  The 1935 DJ shown on Scot's pages
is, then, the same as the one that would have been
on the 1930 copy.

john k.

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