B&L and B&L lookalikes

david medsker dsmedsker at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 10 20:06:57 EST 2002

ohmygoodness!!! another ML virgin with a question even the likes of I can 
answer. I'm soooo excited!!!

Leatherette bindings were used from the ML inception in 1917 til 1929 when 
they shifted to balloon cloth over stiff boards. The B&L name was dropped 
after 1925. for more info, here's a helpful link to getting started


and of course check out www.dogeared.com

and welcome to the club steve, but be a pal and don't drive the prices up 
much more.

david medsker

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I noted last week on this list that B&L books were considered desirable.  I 
found two at a local bookshop (Chekhov and G. Moore) but I also found two 
MLs with the same type of leatherette covers but not B&L (Tolstoy and 
Sudermann), and they also have no dates in them.  Do these MLs have a 
special name and are they worth looking for in particular?

Thanks for your patience with a novice question,


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