Determining ML values for those not meeting Guide criteria

Ron Thoman rgthoman at
Fri Nov 8 17:54:57 EST 2002

Since Henry's Guide doesn't give value for later editions without dj, or in
other than vg condition, is there a rule of thumb way to calculate the
value of these from those  that meets the criteria?  For example, I have a
copy of 33.1 Sudermann's "Dame Care" in balloon cloth, binding 6 (making it
1930) - good condition - without dust jacket.  Now, the Guide shows an L
value for that in VG condition with DJ.  Is there a way to determine from
this L what the value of mine would be relative to L?  I recall some
discussions about lowering value one letter for certain things but can't
recall details and applicability.  Any help appreciated on determining
value on MLs other than the way they are listed in the Guide.

Also, there is no 1930 dust jacket for 33.1 on Scott's dj site.  Does
anyone know what this dj would look like?  Would it be the same at that
shown there for 1935?

Ron Thoman
rgthoman at

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