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Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at jimmywilliamson.com
Wed Nov 6 23:57:48 EST 2002

gatsby, in first , in matching dj
any "gift set", or boxed set
holy bible, in mod lib
i agree with any bl in dj
2 vol. set on decline and fall of the roman empire( maybe it aint rare, but
i never see it)
modern library dictionary (never seen one)
stevenson, treasure island

if these arent rare, or more precisely, hard to find, let me know

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> Just curiously, what are some of the all time "hard-to-find" MLs, or
> rarities?

ANY FIRST B-L's in dust jacket.

The giant Bewley.

Little Women.

Illustrated Alice.

Ilustrated Bible.

Cabell's Beyond Life.

Lost Weekend.

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