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WHOOOOA!  I just was enlightened (after counting 'em up in the guide)to the
fact that there are 1,115 titles in all.  I knew there were reissued
numbers, but not that many (I was thinking 500 or so)  I take back what I
said about a full collection (all titles).

Just curiously, what are some of the all time "hard-to-find" MLs, or

Joe Singleton

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> i also love the chase, but am skeptical about how easy it is to get a
> collection, whatever the hell that is

I concur. I've been at it for coming on 10 years, and I have MANY unfilled
spots. But it's the variety that I find wonderfully challenging - I'd think
it a poor collectng hobby indeed if after a lousey 10 years I had completed
my collection!

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