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> "Start writing checks 'til I ran out of paper"
>  Please not to worry,I shall provide you with all the blank checks you
>  need"
Off topic, but a good yarn, as follows:

About 30 years ago the following episode took place at the headquarters 
office of the Riggs National Bank, which in those days was the premier bank 
of this city and is across from the U. S. Treasury.

You recall, perhaps, that it was common to find blank deposit slips, 
withdrawal slips, etc., in the cubbyholes of the writing desks in bank 
lobbies.  Someone had a lot of blank deposit slips printed up, but with his 
own account number printed on the bottom.  Any print shop can do this, with 
the funny magnetic numbers that also appear on all checks.

So, people would take one of his slips, fill in their own account number, and 
deposit their money.  The computer, of course, noticed the printed account 
number, and credited the malefactor's account, not the accounts of the 
various depositors.  A couple of days later he withdrew a very large amount, 
and has not been seen since.

Needless to say, the banks now do not leave blank deposits lying around, but 
you have to ask for one.


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