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MY EBAY PURCHASING SECRET EXPOSED!!! (Ebay hates this cd and doesn't even 
want you to buy it)(insert picture of bikini clad model here)

The books I buy come from modern library searches in the description field, 
not the title field. ML collectors who bid a book's price up are sometimes 
lazy and don't read all of the listings, leaving a bargain here and there. I 
picked up Hudson's Green Mansions (Illustrated Modern Library) in good 
condition sans DJ for 99 cents for instance. I've seen them for ten times 
that when ML is stated in the title of the auction.

Thanks for all the valuable input I've seen here, MLibbers! (Such a silly 
name for such a great group of selfless collectors, almost as bad as 
trekkies, but not as bad as trekkers)

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Thank you, this makes sense.

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  This phenomenon is the result of eBay's dual-index system for processing
  searches. One index is used for titles only and the other for both titles
  and description. The index for title and description lags the listings by 
  least 6-12 hours, I believe, and longer during peak listing times, such as

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   > I have a question about ebay listings; perhaps someone can help explain
  this disparity. I put about 10 books on ebay yesterday. If you type in
  "modern library" in the search function(and nothing else), they 
  appear with other ML listings. No surprise there. However, if you also 
  the box that says "check titles and descriptions", they cannot be found. 
  fact, on my computer, if you check this box, there are no Modern Library
  books shown after November 1. This is obviously incorrect. Is it my 
  or an ebay programming problem or am I messing up somehow?
   > Pete

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