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<< > I have a question about ebay listings; perhaps someone can help explain 
 > this disparity. I put about 10 books on ebay yesterday. If you type in
 > "modern library" in the search function(and nothing else), they immediately
 > appear with other ML listings. No surprise there. However, if you also
 > check the box that says "check titles and descriptions", they cannot be
 > found. In fact, on my computer, if you check this box, there are no Modern
 > Library books shown after November 1. This is obviously incorrect. Is it my
 > computer or an ebay programming problem or am I messing up somehow?
 > Pete
 It would be helpful if you provided the titles of at least two of your
 listings. That wy we could see if they show up.
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Yes, I have about eight Giant firsts listed- Farrell- USA, Dostoyevsky- The 
Idiot, Flowering of New England, etc., plus Red Star Over China in DJ.

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