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Help me out.  My impression is you imply using the term colophon to describe
the insignia found on Modern Library covers is incorrect.  The definitions
you cite indicate the insignia is "usually" found on the title page.  The ML
torchbearer is usually found on the title page, but does it loose that
designation if placed on the spine or cover of the book?    Naturally
curious, I checked my Random House Dictionary and found as a definition "a
publisher's distinctive emblem" without regard to placement.

I took this time because I am a neophyte who is learning the hobby and
associated terminology.  I have been using colophon to describe the
torchbearer no matter where it is located.  Am I incorrectly using the term?

John Wolansky

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> Gold colophons on spine and front?
> This might be of some interest to you:
> colophon
> colophon (kòl´e-fòn´, -fen) noun
> 1. An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about
> its publication.
> 2. A publisher's emblem or trademark placed usually on the title page of a
> book.
> Excerpted from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
> Third Edition  © 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version
> licensed from INSO Corporation; further reproduction and distribution in
> accordance with the Copyright Law of the United States. All rights
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> > I recently bought a buckram edition of Auden's selected poetry (#160),
> > at least, I think so.  It's similar to the other two or three buckrams I
> > have, with heavy cloth covers, gold colophons on spine and front, blank
> > endpapers and the buckram reinforcements on the inside, but it is sans
> > number and the words "buckram reinforced" on the spine. Is this a
> or
> > overrun?  If so, is this a common happening?  Do I assume that this book
> > originally had a dust jacket?  It shows no signs of having done time in
> > library.  Thanks for any insight.
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