75th Anniversary

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Here is a partial answer: The first ML books were published by B&L in 1917
--  the 75th anniversary would have been 1992.  Cerf and Klopfer bought the
ML division from B&L in 1925 -- the 75th would have been in 2000.  However,
Cerf and Klopfer founded Random House in 1927!  That makes 2002 the 75th
anniversary of the founding of RH.

However, the Modern Library series continued to be published by "The Modern
Library, Inc." in New York and "The MacMillian Company of Canada, Ltd." in
Toronto into the 1930's.  (Possibly someone else in England, right?)  At
some point, the ML became a part of Random House (the child became the
parent, as it were).  By about 1937 the books show Random House as the
publisher of the Modern Library.


When exactly did Random House become the official publisher of ML?  What
books (regular and giant) first showed the new designation?

What happened to the Modern Library, Inc.; was it dissolved; did it become a
wholly owned subsidiary?

Was there a transition period during which some books showed ML, Inc. and
others RH?  Is there anything collectible about any of this?  Or do we just
have too much spare time???

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I have three copies left-then that's it.
The strangest thing is that it was printed in 1992. That would be right.
(1917-1992 75 years) So what's the big deal over 2002 that Random House
is currently making? 1926-2002 Does not come out right. I was never that
great at math but it still does not add up right...or does it?



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