ML Bookcase

Sun May 26 14:09:33 EDT 2002

Since RH provided ML display cases to booksellers free of 
charge (booksellers paid shipping only) Cerf had a right to 
complain about their use for non-ML books.

I can recommend All Books Considered -- I've been there more 
than once and always found ML books I was looking for.

Barry Neavill

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>The late Sam Yudkin was a colorful figure on the Washington 
book scene for 
>many years.  He operated several new and used shops, 
including Airport Books 
>at the Washington National Airport, and until his death ran 
a book auction 
>from unfinished rooms that I can only describe as straight 
out of Dickens.  
>(Possibly his high point of notoriety was being arrested 
for selling "Tropic 
>of Cancer".)  He told me the following little yarn.
>One day Airport Books was visited by a slightly tipsy 
Bennett Cerf, 
>presumably a passenger.  Cerf noticed that Sam had a Modern 
Library bookcase 
>in the shop, but it was not being used for Modern Library 
books.  Cerf 
>vehemently took Sam to task for this.  Sam offered to ship 
the bookcase to 
>Random House, freight collect.  That ended the discussion.
>This is our first post to this list.  We have in stock 
several hundred ML 
>books.  Rarely do we post them on ABE, since most are low 
in price (using the 
>Toledano guide).  Most are in jackets, some are ML firsts, 
but few, if any, 
>are old firsts in jackets.  Basic copies for the basic 
collector.  Collectors 
>are welcome to inquire or visit the shop.  With an 
occasional exception, 
>we're open 7 days a week from noon to 5:00 or later.
>We look forward to following the list discussions.
>Don Ramsey
>10408 Montgomery Ave., Kensington MD 20895   (301) 929-0036
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