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Sun May 26 10:39:29 EDT 2002

The late Sam Yudkin was a colorful figure on the Washington book scene for 
many years.  He operated several new and used shops, including Airport Books 
at the Washington National Airport, and until his death ran a book auction 
from unfinished rooms that I can only describe as straight out of Dickens.  
(Possibly his high point of notoriety was being arrested for selling "Tropic 
of Cancer".)  He told me the following little yarn.

One day Airport Books was visited by a slightly tipsy Bennett Cerf, 
presumably a passenger.  Cerf noticed that Sam had a Modern Library bookcase 
in the shop, but it was not being used for Modern Library books.  Cerf 
vehemently took Sam to task for this.  Sam offered to ship the bookcase to 
Random House, freight collect.  That ended the discussion.

This is our first post to this list.  We have in stock several hundred ML 
books.  Rarely do we post them on ABE, since most are low in price (using the 
Toledano guide).  Most are in jackets, some are ML firsts, but few, if any, 
are old firsts in jackets.  Basic copies for the basic collector.  Collectors 
are welcome to inquire or visit the shop.  With an occasional exception, 
we're open 7 days a week from noon to 5:00 or later.

We look forward to following the list discussions.


Don Ramsey
10408 Montgomery Ave., Kensington MD 20895   (301) 929-0036

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