Best used book store in Kansas City, MO

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Bloomsday Books *had* a lot until a friend of mine and myself took half the
stock today.  (they have a website through ABEBOOKS also).  It is also one
of the best stores in KC and is located centrally.

A. Friendly's on the southside is a good store (no idea on ML there).  Also
has a website. This one is right around the corner from "Read It Again"
Books who also has a small but nice selection (most w/o DJ though).  Both
are represented on

Prospero's in Westport aren't fully unpacked from the move yet.

Lazlus's up North is very small with a small but nice selection unless a
regular customer from New York has been there and bought every single last
one regardless of condition.

Maple Drive Books is a quaint, crowded store where finding an ML is like a
needle in a haystack but sometimes worth it.

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...I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Kansas City, MO, and was
hoping to get a recommendation for a used book store in the area.

I guess I'm looking for one with a good selection of books, at good
prices.  Lots of Modern Library books would, of course, be great.


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