Arrowsmith Variant?

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> I haven't seen the 
> 1945 printing that John has but would guess the plates are 
> showing some serious wear.  

They are - lots of broken and smudgy type
and vertical ink marks along the margins
of the text.  The 1939 version has similar
problems, but not quite as bad.

I have no idea how long printing plates
typically last, but I did notice that
my late 60s (binding 14) copy of Lawrence's
Rainbow seems to have the same plates as my
1st edition copy (1927) - even down to the
same flaws in certain letters.  The margins
are a bit skimpy on the late 60s copy, and
are really tight on the '27 copy (which is
a bit taller than the few other #4 bindings I
have).  In any case - 1927 to 1970 must be
one of the longer runs for a set of plates
in the ML (if they are the same plates),
especially with a common title like the

> Since I had no way of being certain 
> that spring 1946 was the *earliest* printing from the new 
> plates I listed its publication date in my bibliography 
> as "1946?"  Now that I know there was a 1945 printing from 
> the original plates I've removed the question mark.
> Thanks John!

It is always good to be able to remove question

As for the numbering: it makes more sense
to me to make the no-intro 1945-1952 Arrowsmith
printings 42.3, and shift Mr. O'Hara to 42.4


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