Arrowsmith Variant?

Tue May 7 07:51:04 EDT 2002

Hi all,

The ML edition of Lewis's Arrowsmith was published in 
February 1933, printed from the original Harcourt, Brace 
plates.  The balloon cloth format is about 1/4 inch larger 
than the ML's normal format of that period so that the 
original plates could be used.  Even so it's a tight 
squeeze.  Soskin's introduction was original to the ML 

The first printing from reset plates was in spring 1946. As 
John indicates, the text printed from the original plates 
(1933-1945) runs to 448 pages and the text printed from the 
reset plates runs to 464 pages.  I assume that the new 
plates were also the property of Harcourt, Brace & Co., but 
I don't know whether the text was reset at Harcourt, Brace's 
initiative or at the urging of the ML.  I haven't seen the 
1945 printing that John has but would guess the plates are 
showing some serious wear.  I have no information about why 
the Soskin introduction was dropped when the book was reset.

Harcourt, Brace served notice in 1948 that it was 
terminating the ML's reprint contracts for most Harcourt, 
Brace authors, including Sinclair Lewis, E. M. Forster, 
Virginia Woolf, Katherine Anne Porter, and others.  
Harcourt, Brace had decided to start its own reprint series 
for the burgeoning college market, Harbrace Modern Classics, 
and it naturally wanted exclusive rights to its own 
authors.  The ML's contract for Arrowsmith had four years to 
run (reprint contracts were typically renewed at five year 
intervals) and the ML edition of Arrowsmith was discontinued 
in fall 1952.

I've examined the spring 1946 printing of Arrowsmith printed 
from the new plates but hadn't seen the spring 1945 printing 
that John refers to.  Since I had no way of being certain 
that spring 1946 was the *earliest* printing from the new 
plates I listed its publication date in my bibliography 
as "1946?"  Now that I know there was a 1945 printing from 
the original plates I've removed the question mark.

Thanks John!


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>Hi Modlib,
>Awhile back there was a brief discussion of a possible
>variant of ML 42.2 Lewis: Arrowsmith.
>Henry's Guide has one version of this title, in print
>from 1933-1952, with an introduction by William Soskin.
>I had two HC copies of Arrowsmith without the Soskin
>intro: 329 (1948) and 358 (1952) titles on the DJ.
>I also had a flex copy with the Soskin introduction,
>and 268 (1939) titles on the DJ.  Obviously, somewhere
>between 1939 and 1948 the intro dissappeared.
>I just got another HC copy of Arrowsmith with the
>Soskin introduction, and 304 (1945) titles on the
>DJ.  I also noticed that this copy and the flex copy
>have 448 pgs, whereas the later two copies have 464
>So: Arrowsmith seems to have had reset text and the
>Soskin introduction removed around 1945.  This implies
>that there should be two versions of Arrowsmith:
>42.2: 1933-45, Intro by Soskin
>42.3: 1945-52, no intro
>So: what do you all think?  Worthy of being added to
>Scot's page on "Toledano 2000 Guide Extensions"?
>Also: what about value?  Should the 1940-45 w/Intro
>be worth more than the 1945-52 w/o/Intro.?
>John K.
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