Arrowsmith Variant?

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Hi Modlib,

Awhile back there was a brief discussion of a possible
variant of ML 42.2 Lewis: Arrowsmith.

Henry's Guide has one version of this title, in print
from 1933-1952, with an introduction by William Soskin.

I had two HC copies of Arrowsmith without the Soskin
intro: 329 (1948) and 358 (1952) titles on the DJ.
I also had a flex copy with the Soskin introduction,
and 268 (1939) titles on the DJ.  Obviously, somewhere
between 1939 and 1948 the intro dissappeared.

I just got another HC copy of Arrowsmith with the
Soskin introduction, and 304 (1945) titles on the
DJ.  I also noticed that this copy and the flex copy
have 448 pgs, whereas the later two copies have 464

So: Arrowsmith seems to have had reset text and the
Soskin introduction removed around 1945.  This implies
that there should be two versions of Arrowsmith:

42.2: 1933-45, Intro by Soskin
42.3: 1945-52, no intro

So: what do you all think?  Worthy of being added to
Scot's page on "Toledano 2000 Guide Extensions"?

Also: what about value?  Should the 1940-45 w/Intro
be worth more than the 1945-52 w/o/Intro.?

John K.

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