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One can always find bargains (or  mistakes).  Recently I found a photographic 
book at $20 and sold it very cheap, almost immediately for $285, probably 
some $75 below market value. The problem is finding enough bargains on a 
permanent basis. It gets more and more difficult as ones collection grows. 
However, if you find bargains that you already have you can always buy them, 
then sell them and then buy what you haven't got at Toledano prices at Books 

Henry at Books etc
<A HREF="http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/my-zshop/S2UJ2VG921GMXP/107-4701874-7344539">Books etc</A>
PMB 395,
298 4th Avenue,
San Francisco,
CA 94118-2468
Tel: 415-387-7162
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