1st DJ on non 1st book

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A spring 1957 dj with 379 titles can be distinguished from a 
fall 1957 dj with 379 titles.  The spring includes Caesar 
but not Sinclair Lewis, Cass Timerlane.  The fall includes 
Cass Timerlane but not Descartes.  

Caesar was published in April 1957. There was a second 
printing of 3,000 copies in October 1957, and if copies of 
the first dj were left over they could easily have been used 
on the second printing. 

A second or later printing dj *can* have a lower number than 
the first.  This happened twice during the years that lists 
of titles appeared inside the jackets: spring 1941, when the 
number of titles was 271 (spring 1940 was also 271, fall 
1940 was 274) and fall 1961 as you note.


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>Subject: 1st DJ on non 1st book  
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>Hi Modlib people,
>I found a VG/VG copy of Caesar's "The Gallic War"  (295.1) 
>a library sale for a dime.  The DJ lists 379 titles, which 
is correct
>for a first, but the book itself is not a "First ML Ed."
>I checked the "Verifying DJ/Book Marriages" page at Scot's 
>(http://www.dogeared.com/Identifiers/indentifyDate.html) and
>noticed that 379 titles were listed for both spring and 
autumn of
>1959 (when the Caesar was first published) - so I am 
>the first edition of this title was spring, and I have a 
2nd printing
>(autumn) - so a correct 1st DJ with a non-first book.
>It seems like this could happen in any instance where the 
>of titles on the DJ remained the same from spring to 
autumn, or
>autumn to spring, altho I have no other ML copy like this.
>I also noticed (on Scot's chart) that in 1961 there was 
actually a
>reduction in titles from 405 in the spring to 403 in the 
>Does this mean that a ML title first published in the 
spring could
>have been reprinted in the autumn and the autumn second 
>could actually have a DJ with fewer titles listed than the 
>edition DJ?
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