eBay/Book Dealer Disputes on ModLib

j b krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Thu Mar 14 08:21:47 EST 2002

Hello ModLib subscribers,

As the ModLib listowner, I need to suggest a few
guidelines for postings regarding trouble with
eBay or other used book dealers.  Several list
members have contacted me and are concerned about
such postings on ModLib.

I certainly sympathize with those of you who have
had troubled transactions - I have suffered
through a few myself.  I understand that these
postings are meant to help other list subscribers
to avoid problematic transactions.

However, I think it is important to avoid
identifying, in a posting to ModLib, specific
eBay sellers or used book dealers you are having
trouble with.  There are several reasons for this:

1. To be fair, both sides of a dispute should be
heard, and I don't think ModLib is an appropriate
place for airing and debating disputes.

2. Complaints about particular book sellers posted
to ModLib could be interpreted as slanderous,
particularly if they are part of an ongoing dispute
between listmembers (this has already happened and
was not a pretty sight).

3. Many book dealers are subscribed to ModLib, and
it is possible that the person you are complaining
about, or acquaintances of the person, may
actually see the postings, which then sets off a
debate on the list that is, again, not appropriate
for the list.

I do think it is appropriate to post general
recommendations and warnings about buying books on
eBay or other on-line sources.  A warning, as Scot
Kamins made a few weeks back, about eBay sellers
who advertise "real leather" Modern Library
editions is fine.  Queries to the list to clarify
what actually constitutes a first edition of a
particular ML title are also fine.  Just be careful
about 'naming names.'

thanks much,

John Krygier

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