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> Is this old news?  I have a copy of THE QUEEN PEDAUQUE 
published in 1935 by 
> the National Home Library Foundation of Washington, D. C.   
It is copyrighted 
> 1923 by The Modern Library, Inc.  Price 25 cents.   The 
dimensions are 
> identical to the ML edition.

This reprint uses the Modern Library plates,
so the text, at least, is identical to the
ML edition.  I have a copy of Ellis's "New
Spirit" which also uses ML printing plates
for the text.  The National Home Library
Foundation seems to have been a non-profit
public literacy foundation.  They published
a few dozen hardcover classics and new
'progressive' titles during the 1930s for
a quarter each.  They also had a paper back
series (the Jacket Library).  I assume that
the ML loaned the NHL (!) plates from
discontinued ML titles, but I cannot recall
when the "Queen Pedaque" and the "New Spirit"
were discontinued (I am away from home, in
the fine state of Wisconsin, sans Toledano

The Foundation still exists, primarily as a 
source of funds for library literacy projects.
Why do I know these things?

Another example of reused ML plates is the
New Classics Series (New Directions) edition
of Stein's "Three Lives"  with a very cool
Lustig DJ (published in the 1950s).

John K.


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