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Mon Jun 24 18:47:03 EDT 2002

Is this old news?  I have a copy of THE QUEEN PEDAUQUE published in 1935 by 
the National Home Library Foundation of Washington, D. C.   It is copyrighted 
1923 by The Modern Library, Inc.  Price 25 cents.   The dimensions are 
identical to the ML edition.

The rear flap lists 13 titles, as follows:  Tolstoy, Tales; France, The Queen 
Pedauque; Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities; Flaubert, Salammbo; DeFoe, Robinson 
Crusoe; Scott, Ivanhoe; Shakespeare, Hamlet; Emerson, The Conduct of Life; 
Kipling, Tales by; Ellis, The New Spirit; Paine, Writings of; and Dodge, Hans 

Most of these could not have been ML reprints, having never been published by 
ML, or not until later than 1935.  But a couple might have been.

Don Ramsey
10408 Montgomery Ave., Kensington MD 20895   (301) 929-0036

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